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Hey guys hope you are fine in this article we gonna know that how you can book oyo hotel’s room in low price just because oyo is leading brand in hotel field everyone is booking with oyo only.

So you should be knowing that how you can book oyo rooms in low price. This is very tricky you can do it by fooling their system’s loopholes. Here are some steps.


  1. First if you don’t have oyo account then open new account by clicking here And if they ask for referral code give this Referral code – SHAS3LL2Q So you will get 300rs Oyo money that will help you in discount during booking
  2. Then select which hotel you wanna stay keep in mind that you are selecting pay at hotel option if not available then see another hotel you will find it. Then simply book your stay by selecting no. of people and dates.
  3. During booking you can also search for any promo codes available on google.
  4. Then after booking you can see your booking on bookings section on app. Then you will see that there will be some discount if you pay now online you can pay online and avail that discount but I would recommend another way of reducing amount.
  5. Now you have to refer 4 person then you will see that per person you will get 50rs less on your boking amount then simply go to bookings section now pay full price if you want to pay or else you can pay it on hotel during check in.

This is how you can book oyo rooms at cheap price. If you have any queries you can comment down below I’ll definitely reply you. Thanks.


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