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If you are younger and by watching some series you got inspired with investing and want to start with investing and making profits in long term then you are in a right website. Today I’ll tell you how to start with investing this article is for beginners who don’t know any thing about investment.

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So my self Shashank Singh Rathour and am currently 19 years old and begin my investing journey at the age of 17 years old. Yes am not super experienced to teach you advance knowledge about stock market and investing but I can tell you that how you can start with investing and what steps you have to take first.

As per my knowledge there are lot sectors where you can invest not only stock market is the place to invest and make profit you can also invest by funding small business and mutual fund (Its a bunch of stocks), You can also invest in cryptocurrency (Which I don’t suggest if you don’t have proper knowledge) and many more options are there forex market etc.

But the simple way to invest without any high knowledge and make profit in long term is Mutual fund, PPF and NIFY 50. So lemme explain you clearly.

What is Mutual fund?

In simple words its a bunch of stocks. Lets take an example of school students imagine you are a teacher and want to give knowledge specially BIO subject students and so you pick student randomly and ask one student if you are interested in bio now you got one talented student of BIO interested field but you want more BIO student as you think BIO student will grow in future. So you ask few more student to join group of BIO interested students and a group created with only BIO students. Now this is called Mutual fund (A group of one particular field or sector’s companies stocks).

Like this way if you are interested in IT sector  and want to invest in best IT companies you have to search for a Mutual fund which is a group of IT companies and simple do a SIP or One time investment and your money will split into all those IT sector company

How to invest in Mutual fund.

Now you should have a account with broker from which you can invest in mutual fund. I would suggest Angel Broking This is the best broker according to me and you can also invest directly in Stocks though there demat account.

To open and to know anything else about it you can simple get in touch with me on whats app +918819026686 .


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