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Its very difficult to buy very expensive theme for everyone who is beginner in this blogging field. So guys today am gonna tell you how you can buy cheap wordpress themes and plugin.

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How you will get it in cheap

First let’s talk about why they are selling this thing in cheap actually it’s a GPL theme which provides you GPL version of any theme this themes can be used by multiple user if you buy it once these themes can we provide in cheap because they are GPL version of themes in which you will not get activation code of the theme or plugins but it will work like that only and you will get updates from your provider from where you took that theme.after you purchase theme from your provider it’s yours now you can give to any user and anyone can use it millions of times because now it’s yours and you will get update from your provider only now let’s talk about how you will update it and from where you can buy it and is it good for your site or not

Is it good for your site or not ?

actually it’s good for your side until and unless it’s a cracked version if you are downloading free then it will be cracked version not GPL they will just tell you that it’s GPL but it will be not GPL they are just giving you malwares which will affect your site and steal your data from your site so be aware that you buy this themes and plugins from genuine site and it’s very important to find genuine site because you will not get it until and unless you try it and if you want to try it you can give a try but you will lose your money for just trying it so I’ll tell you that can you inside that I already tried for myself so let’s go and talk about

From where you can buy it

you can buy it from lots of sites they are so much site out there who are giving best GPL persons of themes and plugins but you have to choose which is the best test because there are lots of out there for for America and India its not different for any other country but it’s about trust if someone who is selling theme or plugin or anything from your country on it then you will game trust but if someone who is selling from another country then you will not get that much trust and you will think they are doing fraud. yes there’s so much fraudulent activity in this site all so take care of it don’t get into floor length site it’s very important for you to find trustable site so let’s go and tell you the best site I’ve ever found
2. GPL Beast
these are the two sides that I have tried a lot of times for myself only because I was also beginner and that time I was not able to invest that much money on buying plugins and theme from theme forest so as you can see I have found this two sites very trustable and good for your GPL themes and plugins. now let’s talk about how you will update it.

How to update it

it’s very simple to update GPL themes and plugins you have to download one plugin and install it on your wordpress site the theme name is easy upgrade themes and plugins after you download and install this theme boom your ready to upgrade your GPL themes and plugins no simply go to your provider other its need GPL or GPL beast you can go to your download section on your provider side and you will find new update version and there you can download that new update version and simply go to theme section if you want to upgrade theme or else you go to blood infection if you want to upgrade plugin add new and upload plugin upload that zip file and click on upload know after completion of installation you will see that your plugins are installed now you can click on activate to activate the plugin don’t worry you will not lose your old data which you have already saved on your plugin.
so this was at for this post thank you so much for reading this much hope it helps you to find best and cheap GPL plugins and themes if you like it share with your friends and tell me your suggestions on comment box.


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